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Theme 77 Christmas | Sandnes Garn Knitting Pattern Booklet

Theme 77 Christmas | Sandnes Garn Knitting Pattern Booklet

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How about knitting Christmas slippers for the whole family? The Juliette bag can be crocheted in three sizes and used as a toiletry, project bag, or other necessities. Fleur scrunchie and lace scrunchie are equally nice for both young and old. Joel mittens can also be knitted for the whole family, felted mittens are warm and good to wear on cold days. Fleur de Lis sweaters can be made in many colour variants, there is an option for mum and mini match. Decorate the Christmas candle and Petite Christmas candle as you wish: fun, sweet, and completely personal.

Happy pre-Christmas season and happy knitting! 

For full pattern information, visit Sandnes Garn.

Note: Sandnes Garn booklets must be purchased with at least 1 ball of Sandnes Garn yarn minimum.

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