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Swatching Help Poster - A4 Printed Poster

Swatching Help Poster - A4 Printed Poster

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So you’re in a swatching pickle, and you just can’t work out where to go from here? You may want a physical reminder. You may have also read my blog post, or seen the picture of the poster on instagram and thought “I want that on my wall!”. Well, here you are!

This is a printed copy of the No Frills Knitting Swatching Help Poster.

Printed on 100% recycled and unbleached 150gsm thin card. Made using 100% post-consumer waste.

This poster is available to view for free here.

You may display this poster in a private space such as your home or office, or local independent yarn store. Any use for commercial gain (unless in a local independent yarn store), including use by pattern designers, must be authorised by contacting No Frills Knitting here.

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