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Scanfil Darning Wool Cards - 15m

Scanfil Darning Wool Cards - 15m

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Moth got to your shop-bought knits? Discovering holes in your favourite blanket? Socks in danger of being open toe? Sounds like you need this mending wool. Fine enough to mend your machine-knit sweaters and socks without being bulky, but strong enough that you shouldn't get another hole in the same place. 

When matching colours, your screen may show a slightly different shade to the real-life colour you'll receive - it works best to go with a complete contrast for some kick-ass visible mending and not to rely on the screen for an exact colour match as sometimes a near miss is worse than a complete contrast. 

Each card has 15m of yarn on it, which is enough to densely darn a hole at least the size of a 50p coin from our experience, though results may vary from person to person.

55% Wool, 45% Nylon.

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