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Scanfil 100% Organic Cotton Thread (Wooden Reel - 100m)

Scanfil 100% Organic Cotton Thread (Wooden Reel - 100m)

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Tired of having endless non-recyclable plastic reels? Yes. Me too.

80% of the reason why I decided to source these threads is because I once had eight people ask me ‘Meg, how do I sew a button on when the hole is so tiny and the yarn so big?’ in one week. I personally tend to match the thread to the button, rather than the knit, but you could totally match it to neither and have it all a bit ~statement~.

To recycle, you can either bury in the ground, toss in the compost heap or reuse for crafts. You could also ask your Grandad to make one of these into a Knitting Nancy French Knitter - I’m sure he’ll remember making them for your parents as children, back in the day, out of Grandma’s cotton reels.

100m of thread on each reel.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton thread. 100% biodegradable.

Please note: colour of threads may vary in photographs to real life due to device display preferences.

I have access to the whole colour range of Scanfil Organic Cotton, so do get in touch if I’m missing the colour you’d like!

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