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Pony Perfect Interchangeable Tips 14cm

Pony Perfect Interchangeable Tips 14cm

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Pony Perfect needles are a firm favourite round here at No Frills. They’re silky smooth, strong and versatile. They’re not shouting their luxury at you, they just help your your stitches slide from one needle to the next without complaint or extra fuss, could you ask for any more in a knitting needle? They’re from a combination of 3 natural woods and containing no harmful or artificial dyes or pigments.

These needles are part of an interchangeable circular needle set, where you will need to purchase a cable separately (here). You simply screw it together and off you go, knitting at whichever length of cable suits you that day. No need for keys, these screw with only hand strength and don’t come undone while knitting.

Available in sizes 3mm - 10mm.

If I am missing the size you want, or you have seen something great made by Pony, please contact me using the form here. I am always happy to take suggestions to broaden the range of styles and sizes.

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