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Pony Childrens' Knitting Needles (4mm) - 18cm

Pony Childrens' Knitting Needles (4mm) - 18cm

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It's a rainy Sunday afternoon. Your plans for going to the woods have been cancelled. You're knitting and the kid sat next to you, half-watching Bluey, says "Can I have a go?". You're thinking "errr, ummmmm, yeah but the only needles I have are REALLY long". Now, that problem's solved.

These needles are slightly shorter, for ease of use in smaller hands. They're colour-coded aluminium, so they're nice and slippery for all those ultra-tight first stitches. The colour coding, well, that just makes it easier to explain that you pass from blue to red, or "check your red needle, count your stitches".

Available only in 4mm, recommended to be used with DK yarn such as Peer Gynt or Smart.

Not suitable for kids under 6 years. Adult supervision always required when using knitting needles.

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