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No Frills Wool Wash Soap - 100g Bar

No Frills Wool Wash Soap - 100g Bar

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Keep your knitwear super clean and fresh, with the No Frills Wool Wash.

No fragrance, no SLS, no plastic, no waste: just pure soap from coconut oil, made by hand in small batches. Fully natural, zero waste, kind to the environment and, most importantly, your knitwear.

For a pre-blocking wash, you only need a level tablespoon (about 5g) dissolved gently in some hand-hot water.

When shampooing fleeces, use more Wool Wash and increase the temperature of the water to about 65ºC (hotter than you can comfortably stand).

For wet felting, rub the fibres into the soap bar until a rich lather appears, turn the mat and repeat to encourage the fibres to interlock together.

A tablespoon of vinegar may be added to the rinsing water as a rinse aid.

Ingredients: sodium cocoate, aqua.

Handmade in Bermondsey, London.

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