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Lopi Alafosslopi - 100g

Lopi Alafosslopi - 100g

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The best, the original. This is the yarn that all the traditional Icelandic Lopi sweaters are knitted with. It’s chunky, quick to knit and superbly warm to wear. You’ll never wear a warmer jumper. While not the softest-on-the-skin yarn, Lopi has an excellent environmental record with Icelandic sheep being reared to some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world and the majority being allowed to roam the land and graze on pasture as much of the year as possible. This yarn is absolutely made for colourwork, it’s grippy enough that your yoked sweater won’t distort and will keep its’ shape really well.

Each colourway of this yarn is a wonderful blend of more-than-one colour of fibre, which gives a wonderful depth to every colour.

100g ~ 100m

100% Icelandic Wool

Recommended needle size: 5.5mm - 6.5mm

Please note: colours may appear different on the screen to real life due to device screen preferences.

I currently only have access to a small colour range due to there being a global shortage of these yarns, due to Covid-related disruption. In the future, I’ll have access to the full range of colours, so DM me or contact me if I’m missing any colours you’d like.

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