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KnitPro Zing Crochet Hook - 15cm

KnitPro Zing Crochet Hook - 15cm

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So, have you ever looked at a project and thought “what size needle did I use for this?! Why didn’t I write this down?!”. I do, quite often in fact. Luckily, this need be a problem no more. Zing needles are colour coded, so you can always spot at a glance which size you’re using, even from photos!

Zing are made of aluminium, so are very lightweight and have a little more grip than than the Nova Metal equivalents, so are perfect if you’re using a more grippy yarn. They’re also ideal for using with yarn with the lanlolin still present as they’re very easily washed.

KnitPro Basix Birch crochet hooks are available in sizes 2mm - 15mm.

If I am missing the size you want, or you have seen something great made by KnitPro, please contact me using the form here. I have access to the whole KnitPro Range. I am always happy to take suggestions to broaden the range of styles and sizes.

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