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Pony Flexible Eye Yarn Needle (set of 3 needles)

Pony Flexible Eye Yarn Needle (set of 3 needles)

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These Flexible Eye Yarn Needles are very handy indeed. They can sew in ends of the fluffiest mohair or the squishiest super chunky yarn. They can even be used to thread elastic through folded collars or waistbands. The eye is very easy to thread because of it’s flexibility - you can push down on the tip of the eye and make it rounder, much easier especially as most yarns are rounder. The eye then can be squished back up to be flat to slot effortlessly between stitches or for a tubular bind off.

Aluminium needle, nylon eye.

They come as a set of three sizes - 70mm, 80mm and 90mm.

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