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Fiskars Recycled Scissors 18cm

Fiskars Recycled Scissors 18cm

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Lovely sharp, functional scissors. Recycled plastic handles and 100% recycled packaging. The handles are a very tasteful green colour, very in fashion. A useful size, not just suitable for knitting, but excellent for paper and giving yourself a lockdown haircut* as required.

Fiskars are a household name, famous for their bright orange scissors. Easily sharpened and have an adjustable hinge.


I have one set of ex-display scissors, which would arrive without original packaging, but haven’t been used to cut anything more than one sheet of paper as a demonstration. I have reduced the price of these scissors by at least 10% to reflect this.

If there is anything you have seen made by Fiskars, but I do not routinely stock, please contact us using the form here. I am always happy to take suggestions to broaden our stock range.

(*no blame can be put on No Frills Knitting for the quality of a lockdown haircut)

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