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Aosta Summer Top Ready Kit

Aosta Summer Top Ready Kit

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Are you taking part in our Aosta Summer Top KAL, or fancy grabbing a kit to knit the top later? Our famous No Frills Knitting Ready Kit is exactly what you need! 

The Aosta Summer Top is a raglan t-shirt designed by Sophie from The Knit Purl Girl. It is worked top down and in the round using the beautifully textured, yet super simple Andalusian stitch and is an all-round crackin' summer knit that will fly off your needles. 

What's included in the kit?

Our Ready Kit contains all the essentials you need to start knitting your own Aosta Summer Top in one convenient package. You will get:

  • Your choice of our chosen Knitting For Olive Merino colours with enough balls to complete your project in your chosen size.
  • A printed, paper copy of the Aosta Summer Top Knitting Pattern by The Knit Purl Girl.
  • A card with the WhatsApp QR code so you can join our KAL group and share your knitting progress and support your fellow knitters as they work on theirs.

Knitting needles are not included in the ready kits as you should be swatching and changing needle size if required to meet gauge. You can buy needles separately here. The pattern recommends a 5mm 40, 60 and/or 80/100cm circular needle as a starting point. If you aren't sure which length to start with, we'd start with a 40cm and an 80cm.

You will also need at least 8 stitch markers, a darning needle and some scrap yarn or spare circular needles for the resting sleeve stitches.  

What size should you knit? 

The Aosta Summer Top has recommended neutral ease, between 3.5 cm in positive ease and 3.5 cm in negative ease for Sizes A-H and between 5 cm in positive ease and 5 cm in negative ease for Sizes I-L around the chest. Use the schematic below to find your best size based on your chest measurement.

Sizes: A (B) C (D), E (F) G (H), I (J) K (L)

Finished garment circumference (cm): 78 (82.5) 86.5 (93.5), 98 (102.5) 106.5 (111), 120 (129) 140 (149)

Finished garment circumference (in): 30.75 (32.5) 34 (36.75), 38.5 (40.25) 42 (43.75), 47.25 (50.75) 55.25 (58.75)

For a chest measurement (cm) of approx : 75-80 (80-85) 85-90 (90-95), 95-100 (100-105) 105-110 (110-115), 115-125 (125-135) 135-145 (145-155)

For a chest measurement (in) of approx: 29.5-31.5 (31.5-33.5) 33.5-35.5 (35.5-37.5), 37.5-39.25 (39.25-41.25) 41.25-43.25 (43.25-45.25), 45.25-49.25 (49.25-53.25) 53.25-57 (57-61)

Example: If your bust measures 92 cm/36”, please choose size D with a finished garment circumference of 93.5 cm/36.75”.

For full sizing breakdown, please refer to the Aosta Summer Top Pattern by The Knit Purl Girl on Ravelry.


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