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2209 Franky All Size | Sandnes Garn Knitting Pattern Booklet

2209 Franky All Size | Sandnes Garn Knitting Pattern Booklet

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Franky is a design that suits many different body types. Many people may not think that a design is pretty in a wide range of different sizes, depending on the style you want the design to have. If you're a Small, you might want the garment in Medium or Large, for a more oversized look. If you're a Large, you might want to knit it in Medium or Small for a more fitted look. We are all different, and one of the great things about knitting, is that you can have the fit you like best. In the last few years top-down knitting has become quite popular. One of the reasons many people prefer this, is that you can try the garment on while knitting it and make adjustments. If you prefer to knit from hem up, Sandnes Garn have made a pattern for this too. Franky is knitted in Alpakka Silke, a version in just one strand and also a version with Alpakka Silke and Tynn Silk Mohair as a double strand.

For full pattern information, visit Sandnes Garn.

Note: Sandnes Garn booklets must be purchased with at least 1 ball of Sandnes Garn yarn minimum.

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