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Welcome to Post No.2 in the No Frills Knitting Yarn Showcase where we're looking at our Sport and 4-Ply Yarns

4-ply Yarns at No Frills Knitting

We're back with our second instalment in the No Frills Knitting Yarn Showcase. Last time we took you through our selection of DK yarns; today it's time to look at our sport weight and 4-ply.

Swatching is integral to knitting success.

If you've already seen our DK yarn showcase, then you will know of the benefits of swatching your yarns before you use them. Essentially, knitting swatches has multiple benefits that aren’t just centred around checking your gauge. That’s right - swatching is even more valuable than you first thought!

Not only does it allow you to check your stitch counts match that of the designers, but it also allows you to see what your yarn looks like when knitted up. Every yarn is unique and as such behaves differently. Some are soft, others are gritty; some are dense, others are drapey and so on. Swatches help to educate you of the yarns around you and help inform you of which is best suited to your chosen knitting project. 

A No Frills Yarn Showcase

In the Real Life No Frills Knitting shop, we have swatches or samples of almost every yarn we sell in the shop. 

Recently we did a yarn showcase on our Instagram stories where we showed off each yarn alongside its swatch counterpart. It went down an absolute storm, so not only did we save these as highlights on our Instagram account, but we also wanted to create a series of blog posts to walk you through our lovely yarn selection and give you an idea of how each of them looks and feels when knitted up. Today we're going to walk you through our sport weight and 4-ply yarns.

Sport and 4-ply Yarns at No Frills Knitting

4-ply And Sport Yarns At No Frills Knitting

4-ply yarns, also known as fingering yarns are a versatile choice for multiple knits depending on how you use them. On their own, they are lovely options for lightweight shawls and summer tops but held with another yarn, such as mohair and you have a whole world of sweaters and cardigans available to you.

We have a fantastic selection of the much loved 4-ply here at No Frills Knitting, so without further ado, let’s get to know them


Lopi Kambgarn

The Lopi Kambgarn is a sport weight yarn, so sits between a modern 4-ply and DK in terms of thickness. It knits up very neatly and produces a lovely soft knitted fabric which would work well for baby knits. As you can see from the swatches, it’s a yarn that has exceptional stitch definition, even when held double as you can see in the swatch for the Sille Slipover by PetiteKnit. It’s such an incredibly versatile yarn which can be used in multiple ways for a vast variety of knits.


Kremke Eco Cashmere

This little ball of luxury will hands down create some of the best hand knitted garments you will ever have the pleasure of owning. Knit on it’s own, this 100% cashmere yarn produces a gorgeously soft fabric that needs nothing else. However, when held with a mohair, like the Kremke Silky Kid, for instance, it is instantly elevated and you are suddenly riding the softest and fluffiest cloud you could possibly imagine. Ideal for those ‘best’ projects, but why limit yourself? Meg wears her Pippin Sweater by The Knit Purl Girl at least a couple of times a week (when the weather is cooler, that is!)


Knitting For Olive Merino

Knitting For Olive Merino - what an all-around beautiful yarn. Held single, it creates a lightweight fabric which lends itself to summery knits, just like the Anker Tee by PetiteKnit sample we have here in No Frills Knitting. When held with a mohair, it produces an incredibly satisfying fabric which has a lovely softness and warmth. A classic combination that will fluff even more after blocking. 


Knitting For Olive Pure Silk

Soft, silky and smooth. What could be better? The Knitting For Olive Pure Silk is yet another favourite for spring/summer knitting patterns such as the Farfa Top by The Knit Purl Girl, or the Ellie Summer Top by Rust Knitwear. This 100% silk yarn is wonderful to knit with resulting in a smooth, shiny and soft fabric which has a great strength and drape. 


Sandnes Garn Sunday

In a similar vein to the Knitting For Olive Merino, the Sandnes Garn Sunday is a real favourite amongst knitters and for good reason. It’s deliciously soft and a great choice for summer knits; like the Ellie Summer Top by Rust Knitwear which we have as the sample in the shop. Speaking of which, are you taking part in the Ellie Summer Top KAL?

Hold it with a mohair to create a wonderfully soft fabric suitable for all your PetiteKnit faves. 


Sandnes Garn Alpakka Silke

If you've ever visited No Frills Knitting, you’ve almost certainly had a feel of the Alpakka Silke when one of us has shoved the famous Hundred Stitch Snood at you. As the name suggests, the fabric is hella silky and super soft; exactly what you would want gracing your neck on your cycle commute. It knits up with an amazing shine and a beautiful drape, making your knitting project look extra special. 

That's A Wrap For Our Sport and 4-Ply Yarns

There we have it, our line-up of sport and 4-ply. Do you have a favourite?

This 4-ply and sport weight guide is the second instalment in our yarn showcase blog series; keep your eyes peeled for the third where we'll give you the lowdown on the aran and chunky yarns we have instore.

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