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Pony Black Repair Needle Set

Pony Black Repair Needle Set

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“Black needles? What even!” YES! That’s right! These needles have a nickel-free plating, which just so happens to be stylish and black.

I don’t know about you, but I nearly always have a whole bunch of things around the house that need repairing. In my line of sight right now, there’s a tear in the carpet, two pairs of jeans with a hole in each and downstairs there’s even an armchair which I started recovering four years ago and never finished. All of these things are left undone or unfinished for lack of correct needle and trying to use an embroidery needle, and as a result making life harder for myself.

SO! This Repair Needle Set can help you (and me)!

Set contains:

  • Lampshade needle (curved)

  • Mattress needle (curved)

  • Sail Needle (long and very sharp)

  • Packing Needle (flat, bent tip)

  • Carpet Needle (thick and sharp)

  • Canvas Needle (thicker, shorter point than eye)

  • Leather Needle (tiny, triangular point)

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