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No Frills Tote Bag

No Frills Tote Bag

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Picture this: you’re going to the pub* for your knitting group’s first meet up since early 2020. You’re running a bit late because ‘rona’s made you chronically disorganised after a year of not needing to factor in the commute time. You’re thinking "Ach! My knitting’s too big for my pockets and I don’t want to take the bag with all the old broccoli bits in. I need to get myself a dedicated knitting bag QUICK SMART”.

WELL, my friend, this bag is for you.

It’s sleek, comes in plenty of colours to match your project AND, has no crusty broccoli bits to get in between your stitches. It’s also much more appropriate as a take-your-knitting-for-a-day-out bag than a Sainsbury’s Bag for Life.

It’s roomy and sturdy. It’s the perfect size to hastily stuff in that Sunday Sweater you’ve been working on, and sling it over your shoulder to go out. It’s also large enough to put a food-for-twoish-days shop from Lidl in, tried and tested (assuming you don’t go wild in the middle aisle and impulse buy a slow cooker or a baby cot or something).

The handles are fractionally shorter than your average tote bag, meaning that if you just carry it in your hand rather than over your shoulder, it shouldn’t dunk in all the puddles left over from the rainiest May in a hundred years. This being said, they’re very comfortable on your shoulder too.

You could even have a colour-coded system of bags for each project you have on the go.

Made of heavyweight 10oz 100% GOTS Organic and Fairtrade cotton especially for No Frills Knitting. Approx 42 x 37cm.

*knitting groups aren’t just held in pubs, I know

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