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Colourwork Aid

Colourwork Aid

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This handy gadget will become your best friend when knitting stranded colourwork, such as Fair Isle or Icelandic style yokes. It’s two little antennae are there to loosely hold and separate the two colours of yarn so you can speedily power through your knitting without having to drop either colour of yarn. Can be used on either left or right hand, they’re also great for learning how to knit in continental style. I recommend buying the size that will fit snugly on the end of your index finger (as pictured), we carry two sizes:

Small - 17mm Diameter

Large - 19mm Diameter

Both Small and Large are shown in Image 4 for comparison.

Please note: the small size are factory seconds and therefore may look a bit tarnished - this tarnishing does not affect use as directed. 

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