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2214 Tweed | Sandnes Garn Knitting Pattern Booklet

2214 Tweed | Sandnes Garn Knitting Pattern Booklet

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2214 Tweed by Sandnes Garn is a collection of knitting patterns for men, women and children to celebrate the launch of their Tweed Recycled yarn, which is made up of 80% fine, recycled wool and 20% recycled cashmere.

This collection features two of Sandnes Garn's most popular designs, Kelly and Guernsey written especially for the Tweed Recycled yarn, and a new design in the form of the Wilbur sweater which features cables and when knit in the tweed yarn is as beautiful today and it would have been 20, 40 or 100 years ago.

For more information on the patterns, visit Sandnes Garn.

Note: Sandnes Garn booklets must be purchased with at least 1 ball of Sandnes Garn yarn minimum.

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